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What does LOKA mean?

LOKA is the Thai word for earth and planet. We named our Earth Markers LOKA because Thailand is where the inspiration hit us.

Where can I buy LOKA Earth Markers?

You can buy directly off this website. If you are looking for retail locations in your area or are looking for wholesale pricing for schools or otherwise, send a note to

My marker dried out, do I just toss it?

Not yet! The nib is designed to be revived with water. Just dip the nib in water for a few seconds and see how it responds. You can repeat that step multiple times before the marker expires. If the cap is left off for too long, the reservoir may dry and then the marker is done.

Will the marker ink wash out of clothes?

Yes! And off walls and faces. Our ink is non-toxic washable, certified by our manufacturer through Emtek. Technically, they certify that it passes the “migration of certain elements” test.

Did an alligator bite my marker canister?

We thought that might have been the case for a hot second. Actually, we found out the recycled paper we are using for the LOKA Earth Markers canister needed a little help to keep the lid in place when held upside down. Instead of using glue or another non-compostable material, a friction punch did the trick.

How do I dispose of my markers once they’re expired?

Taking your marker apart is the best method to dispose of it! Hold the color trim with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull off the paper barrel, which you can recycle. Then, using needle nose pliers, pull the nib and reservoir out of the trim. That’s the 12% for the regular garbage. The rest of the marker (the colorful trim and cap) is industrially compostable.

What happens if my kid eats the marker ink?

Their mouth will turn that color for a little bit, so we don’t recommend it. However, with non-toxic ink, a couple sips of water should do the trick.

What are LOKA’s next steps towards sustainability?

We’re currently testing what we’ve been advised is an acceptable margin of error, to see if it’s even necessary to remove the nib and reservoir for industrial compostability. Regardless, we want to be able to throw a LOKA earth marker in the backyard and grow flowers. We’re just not there yet.

These markers are thinner than regular markers. What gives?

First, we were excited to use less material. Then, some findings showed that LOKA at this diameter is easy to use for kids of all ages while helping with dexterity development. Fine motor skills help kids learn to hold a pencil correctly and, maybe more importantly, help them control that pencil once they get to writing age.

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